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Stress Management

Produced by Body and Soul Therapy

Executive producer Michelle Ruward, Certified Hypnotherapist

Recorded and mixed by Nathan Hoffman at The Hoffman Effect Studios

Cover design Renee Stosich

Too often we allow life to "run" us instead of running
our own lives. We're in such a hurry to get
somewhere that we never get anywhere.
Our body screams at us to REST-
but do we listen?
We're so worried about tomorrow
that we're not living TODAY!

We live in a fast paced, stressed out society.
We think that we would love some rest
and relaxation- but who has the time?

This CD is designed for today's stress addict.
It is designed to relax and center a person
in only seven minutes. Seven minutes away
from the chaos of the day will not put
anyone's day off schedule, but it just
might enhance their performance
and productivity.

It's time to treat yourself to the
best seven minutes of your day.

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