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"I have a lot on my plate each day with a large family, homeschooling, violin teaching, managing an orchestra, church activities, etc. Stress has been an everyday part of my life. With so much going on in each day it has been nice to know that I can stop and take time out for myself for just 7 minutes. In that short amount of time while listening to this cd I have noticed an increase in my health and I am more calm and peaceful and able to deal with the many things as they come at me. I am amazed at how much this has changed my life. I have found it even more beneficial to listen to it twice in a row. What a blessing this has been for me. Thank you Michelle!"
Laurie Peterson
     Rebevva Hoffman

Christiane Turner      "I am listening to the CD every day. I also have my two boys (8 and 6) listen to it before going to school to help them relax and be in a creative learning mode. They actually lay there with their eyes closed for the whole time, which is amazing for their age."

Christiane Turner, International NLP Trainer and Author of "Quantum NLP - Thought into Manifestation"

"As a long time hypnotherapist I didn't think so much good stuff could be packed into only 7 minutes. The suggestion that I'm now feeling better than I've felt all day miraclously comes true no matter how I'm feeling only 7 minutes later. My wife is listening to this each day as well."
John Phillips, CHT
     Rebevva Hoffman

"The 'Seven Minute Stress Cure' has truly enhanced the quality of my life.  I am a very busy department chair at a local college and listening to this CD has increased my productivity not only at work, but throughout my day.  Each time I have listened to it I have awoken refreshed and alert.  I would highly recommend this CD to everyone whether they feel they may need it or not, and I would also add that it is worth much more than I paid for it."
Dr. Brad Cordero, DPT, MBA, PT, CSCS

"As a working mother of an active toddler, stress is ever-present in my life.  The Seven Minute Stress Cure is such a blessing because I have very little time for myself.  Listening to The Seven Minute Stress Cure provides me with a boost of positivity.  Even when I can't listen to it, I repeat the words in my mind and feel its calming influence come over me."

Rebecca Hoffman, Mother
     Rebevva Hoffman

"I have been under some (actually a lot) of stress for the last 4 years. I have not been able to sit down and have enough concentration to read a book or a magazine. I started listening to the Seven Minute Stress Cure 2 weeks ago, and last week I could start reading again. Thank you Michelle, this is a fabulous gift."
Marisa Alaniz


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