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  Michelle Madsen
ichelle Ruward began her journey of healing twenty
years ago when she became a licensed massage therapist. It was then that she found herself as a single mother of three small children. Desiring to heal from the trauma of divorce, she began researching various healing modalities. Through her journey she was led to hypnotherapy.

            Hypnotherapy relaxes the mind. It can relieve stress and eliminate old, incorrect perceptions. These perceptions can hold a person back, keeping them from reaching their highest potential. Michelle became a certified hypnotherapist and discovered that combining hypnotherapy with massage allows a person to heal emotionally and physically very quickly.

            Michelle began combining her hypnotherapy knowledge in her massage practice. The results were phenomenal. She saw her clients eliminate self limiting beliefs, as well as release stress and pain very quickly. She witnessed the power of the mind. She realized that her clients healed themselves. She was simply their directing guide.
            Michelle was so excited with the results she was finding that she wanted to get the message out to people. She began teaching stress management classes about the importance of  “rejuvenating your soul so that you can achieve your highest potential.” Through this experience she came to realize how difficult it is for people to take 20 or 30 minutes out of their busy lives to relieve stress. This realization was the brain child for “The Seven Minute Stress cure.” Nobody wants to take 30 minutes to relax, but who doesn’t have time for a seven minute quick fix?

            Michelle combined her hypnotherapy knowledge, experience, and pure inspiration to create a truly unique concept. The Seven Minute Stress Cure is designed to do just that - cure stress in only seven minutes! It is an experience, not just background noise. This is not something to listen to while driving a car or cleaning a house. It is designed to actually help a person stop what they are doing, lie down and relax. If a person actually lies down for seven minutes and rests from the labors of the day, The Seven Minute Stress Cure will relax and center them very quickly, leaving them rejuvenated and ready to go about the tasks of the day.

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